Popular Events in New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the states in the US that holds delightful events every year. These events are scheduled for leisure activities in various destinations. People of all ages can participate in or attend these popular festivals. Listed below are some of the interesting and famous events in New Jersey.

1. Miss America Pageant

The event is held in mid-January in Atlantic City. This event was first held in 1921 and offers great entertainment to both the locals and viewers on television.

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This pageant focuses on empowering young women and promoting different cultures, political opinions and uniting the community. It is also one of the leading events in the US that provide scholarships for young women.

2. rotary club events

Rotary events are made up of professional individuals who are looking to give back to the community. They provide humanitarian services, aim for peace around the world and encourage ethical standards at workplaces.

3. Wings and Water Festivals

This event is usually held in July in Stone Harbor. It is commonly known as the Celebration of the Coast. It comprises of different activities that are appealing to families such as art and craft displays. Individuals also get a chance to interact with talented art creators like photographers and crafters. Other exciting activities include kayaking, boat cruises, wine tasting, and delicious meals.

4. New Jersey State Fair

The New Jersey State Fair is held at the beginning of August in Augusta. Initially, this event aimed at displaying agricultural products found in New Jersey. With time, this event incorporated a few other fun activities that would attract a larger audience.

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These include horse riding, monster truck rides, tractor pulls and strongman competitions. Live events, beer spots, and freshly made meals are also available at this event.

5. Super Pet Expo

This event is held at the New Jersey convention and exposition center. It takes place in mid-April and attracts many animal lovers. The event provides an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn about animal care and the best animal products.

Various exciting exhibits are held at the event pet owners can either participate or watch the shows. Pets are allowed here although they must be leashed. Some of the pets that are welcome in this event include cats, dogs, birds, and some reptiles.

6. Rutgers Gardens Fall Festival

The festival is held in the fall season in mid-October. This family-friendly festival happens at the Rutgers University Garden. Attendees are allowed to walk around the grounds and enjoy various activities and great meals.

Scavenger hunts, pumpkin painting, viewing of multiple animals, lawn games and art crafts are some of the activities held here. Individuals interested in bees get to learn more about them and their importance in the world.

7. Big Greek Festival

The big Greek festival has taken place for the last fort- seven years. It usually occurs in the first week of June in Morris County New Jersey. This event is kid-friendly and offers a firsthand view of the rich Greece culture. Delicacies from Greece such as traditional pastries are in abundance at this festival.