4 Reasons Why You’d be Crazy Not to use Lightroom Presets

According to Ansel Adams, photos are made and not taken. Making photographs starts with shooting and includes post-processing. Traditionally, the post-processing stage was done in a darkroom, but this has recently changed and can now be done in Lightroom. Imagine being able to significantly edit a photograph using less time and hassles than you currently do even when it is apparent that you spent little time shooting?

Lightroom is a multi-featured software to enable workflow transformation to unimaginable levels. Below, we take a look at reasons why the use lightroom has gained dominance in the photography industry:


Presets help simply the work of a photographer while at the same time enhancing quality and ease of repeat use. When previewing and applying a preset, you only require to make a few clicks instead of having to click on every toolbox and module.


It saves you on time and effort while at the same time delivering high-quality work. You only require to open the develop module on your screen to use the presets. It is even possible for you to preview the effects on a photograph by hovering the cursor over a preset. Finally, changes can be saved in any format you desire.


It is important that your photographs in books, blogs, gallery, and prints maintain quality consistency. It can be an arduous task to achieve this while editing them manually. You would have to adjust all the critical sliders on every photograph which is both a waste of time and tiring, not to mention having to compare your current work with previous ones to ascertain you are in the right course.

While using the best lightroom presets, you do not have to do this since a similar preset is used on all your photographs. Even when it comes to photos that still require a little bit of tweaking, doing so using presets is less tasking.


Consistency is vital in giving your photographs a distinct look to help you stand out professionally as a photographer. Consistency can be enhanced by specializing in areas such as black and white or vintage photography. It is easier for you to settle on the look which delivers more to help you create a brand. Product differentiation is the key to gaining a competitive advantage.


Time-saving is a significant plus when using Lightroom presets to edit photographs. There is no wasting of time during editing looking for tools since every requirement is housed under one roof. Further, presets make it easy to maintain quality when working with large volumes of work besides allowing for cosmetic changes on batches.

You do not have to start all over again every time you require to effect changes in ongoing work.

Complex Effects

Presets can help you design a professional look on a photograph when you are clueless about how to implement your idea. It only takes a few clicks to transform an image which ordinarily would have taken hours or days to complete. Presets affords you rich features which are hard to achieve when editing a picture manually.