5 Travel Tips for Dublin Ireland

Are you planning to travel the world but no idea on where to go? Well, search no more because Dublin, Ireland is a great catch. Dublin is the largest city in Ireland and just like other modern cities, it’s a melting point. It has amazing characteristics and well-known for its folklore, customary dance and music, fine literature, traditions, finger-licking meals, exceptional eateries, rich history, and beautiful landmarks.

With that in mind, you already have a picture in your mind about how great Dublin is, but for you to enjoy the trip, there are tips you must know and because we care so much about you, here they are.

1. The best time to visit

June through August is regarded as the best time to visit Dublin because the temperatures are warm. However, this could be the most expensive time to visit due to high airfare prices and hotel rates. Again, many people prefer visiting Dublin this time meaning that the place is very crowded.


If you’ve saved enough and you can deal with the crowds, head to Dublin anytime between June and August and have a blast. Nevertheless, if you want to learn the history of dublin without struggling in the crowds and also without spending too much, head there in the winter. You’ll have a wonderful time learning about the city but as a rule of thumb, remember to carry your heaviest coats.

2. Visas

If planning to head to Dublin, you must be aware of whether you require a visa to enter in Ireland or not. Americans, Canadians, the citizen of Switzerland or EU/EEA member state don’t require a holiday/visit visa to travel to Ireland meaning that you can explore Dublin for a period of 90 days without any problem.

However, if you are not a member of the aforementioned nations, you’ll require a holiday/visit visa that will allow you to travel and explore Dublin for at most 90 days.

3. Culture and Customs

Many people fear to explore the world because they tend to meet unfriendly people. However, I would like to assure you that heading to Dublin will be a dream come true. The city has very friendly people and you’ll mingle with them, bond excellently and make new friends. The official currency in Dublin is Euro and it’s always recommendable to check euro to USD exchange rate before heading there.


Also, it’s worth mentioning that some high denomination notes like €500, €200, and €100 might not be accepted in restaurants and shops so be prepared with cash in lower denominations and this will give you a million and one reasons to enjoy your trip to Dublin.

4. Getting around Dublin

There are many ways to get around Dublin but our recommendation is on foot. You might wonder why but the truth is that walking gives you an opportunity to examine the city’s architecture and top attractions and take as many selfies and group photos as possible.

Besides, walking keeps you fit and reduces the extra calories you might have in your body. But, if you want to fly to Dublin Airport, a taxi, shuttle or bus will be a great choice. For an even better experience, you can rent a car or take a taxi to take you around the city.

5. Safety

Dublin, especially the city center is relatively safe. But as a rule of thumb, be cautious of car break-ins and pick-pocketing.


Again, areas around Temple Bar might not be safe due to a high number of heavy drinkers and therefore, avoid walking there alone, after all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Final thoughts

Heading to a unique place is always a dream come true for everyone. If you’ve already saved some money to spend but not sure where to go, we have made everything easier for you and Dublin, Ireland should be your next stop.

We have given you the most important tips to know and therefore, traveling should be easier. Most importantly, keep in mind that major credit cards are accepted in most restaurants and shops which make your trip even better.