Is Indoor Rock Climbing A Good Workout?

If you’re growing tired of the same old gym routine, indoor rock climbing might be the perfect fit for you. The sport is not only a fun, exciting way to spice up your fitness regime but is also great for your health, offering a number of physical and mental benefits.

Total Body Workout

Rock climbing is a total body workout, exercising every major muscle group. When you rock climb, you strengthen your abs, obliques, traps, biceps, lats, quads, calves — even your fingers and forearms. You use the strength of your arms to pull yourself up, but you must also rely heavily on your legs and core body muscles for strength and balance. To learn more about these muscle groups, you can find more info here.


Additionally, rock climbing is a cardiovascular exercise, meaning it increases your heart rate and allows you to burn calories at a rate similar to that of running a mile. The sport also helps build stamina and increase flexibility, overall providing a holistic approach to exercise and covering just about every fitness goal you might have.

Mental Strength

Rock climbing not only allows you to exercise your entire body, but also your mind. When climbing, your mental endurance and problem-solving skills are put to the test. You must utilize hand-eye coordination and judgment in order to find an effective route to the top.


But the mental benefits offered by rock climbing extend beyond the wall. The sport also helps with conquering fears — especially if you’re afraid of heights — and helping the climber enhance feelings of confidence and self-reliance.

The feeling of victory and accomplishment that comes with a successful climb also leaves lasting impacts on one’s self-esteem.

Climbing also chemically reduces stresses as it increases your brain’s levels of norepinephrine, creating feelings of euphoria and ecstasy. Such feelings are further enhanced given the fact that rock climbing is a fully immersive activity, forcing you to be completely present with your movements and feelings.

Give It a Try

If you’re looking for new ways to switch up your exercise routine, indoor rock climbing might be a good fit. Be sure to stretch beforehand and follow all the safety precautions provided by those on site, and then start climbing to enjoy all the physical and mental benefits outlined above!