How Do You Stay Skinny When Traveling?

There’s no better feeling than traveling and exploring the world’s best places and the fun in the sun and relaxation are always mind-blowing. However, heading to new places means ditching your healthy eating plans and as you try different cuisines, you are likely to gain weight and feeling bloated and tired.

In fact, travel and weight gain go hand in hand but it doesn’t have to be the same case with you because you are reading this article.

Being on a vacay doesn’t mean that your healthy lifestyle, eating habits and weight loss journey must take a vacation as well and here is how you can stay skinny when traveling the world.

Start your day with healthy breakfast

First things first, it is always exciting to travel to new places especially for the first time and because you’ll be moving from one place to another, you must have the energy for that. Therefore, start your day with heavy breakfast that will not only get your metabolism pumping but will also fuel your energy for the entire day.


In addition, a heavy breakfast will prevent you from the temptation of eating junk and unhealthy foods that will not be good for you. As a rule of thumb, drink a cup of hot water and half a lemon every morning to help your digestive system as well as the body to function effectively with less intense cravings throughout the day. You can learn more about the importance of starting your day with lemon water from this Source.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water is a healthy option for you. Actually, thirsty is hunger in disguise so try as much as you can to be hydrated especially throughout the day.

According to experts, drinking plenty of water when traveling from one place to another will prevent you from nausea and headache meaning that you will be in your best state of mind and body to explore Mother Nature.

Prepare your meals instead of eating out

When traveling to a foreign country especially for the first time, people are excited to try out different cuisines cooked in various restaurants and food kiosks, but that shouldn’t be for anyone looking forward to staying skinny.


Once you get to your destination, head to a grocery store and buy fresh produce and prepare your own meals back in the hotel that accommodates you. This, will not only save you money but will also prevent you from overeating.

Engage in a workout you can do anywhere

Exercise is very important and should be part and puzzle of your travel. There’s a misconception that the only workout you must engage in is lifting weights in the gym but that’s not the case as you can effortlessly engage in exercises you can do anywhere. For instance, going for walking tours, biking and hiking are some of the simplest yet most promising exercises that will help you stay skinny when traveling.