How to Plan a Fabulous Summer Trip

It’s prime time for summer vacations and if you haven’t already planned your amazing holiday, it’s about time you start. No matter how big of a budget you’re working with or what your wishes are, you can have a few good days off at the beach. But to make sure you don’t have any hiccups along the way, here are some golden rules to help you plan your perfect vacation.

Find a partner in crime


Traveling is something that is always more fun when you share it with someone whose company you enjoy. Whether it’s a friend, a whole group of friends, or your family, you want to know whom you’re going with before you start planning because they might have preferences, too. And there will always be some lone wolves who prefer traveling by themselves, but remember that traveling together is also more affordable because you can share many of the costs, so if you find another friend who likes traveling alone, you can each do your own thing during the day and just meet up at night at your accommodation. When you find the person you’re traveling with, count up your budget and you’re set to start planning.

Don’t get caught up by the name

Wanting to visit a very famous location that everyone is talking about and posting pictures from might be tempting, but those places are really amazing only for the people who can dish out a lot of money. If you can do that – great! But for most people, you will end up on overcrowded beaches, subpar and overpriced accommodation, and no real way to have a good time. Instead, look for the secret gems – the small towns, nearby suburbs, and other places that will offer you a much better experience for a lesser price.

Think about the swimsuit


Should you be thinking about all of your clothes? Not really. You’ll just bring the clothing that you’d normally wear, but a swimsuit is something you’ll be spending most of your time in and you want to make sure you’re feeling good in it. There’s a much bigger selection online than in stores, so order on time to make sure your suit gets to you before you get to the beach. If you get your pieces separately, you can get a cute pair of bathing suit bottoms and change it up with multiple tops so you have many combinations without having to buy all that many swimsuits.

Look for things to do in advance

You might pick an amazing location, book accommodation that will suit you great, but then you get there and you spend your first days just looking for the things to do while you’re there. And by the time you find out – you don’t have enough time to go do all the things. A quick Google search or a visit to Trip Advisor will tell you a lot about what you can do and how you can spend your time. Even if all you plan to do is lay on the beach, you can find out about what the best beach is and spare yourself the pain of finding that out on your last day of staying there.

Give yourself cushion time

You might want to squeeze out every last bit from your days off and literally come home the night before you have to go to work, but that’s a mistake. A vacation is relaxing, but the trip back and all other unpacking can be exhausting – not to mention the unpacked suitcase that will sit in the corner for a week if you don’t give yourself time to unpack. Just come back a day earlier, which will also be very handy if there is anything wrong with your transport, like a delayed or cancelled flight.


Most importantly, don’t set your expectations sky-high, because if something doesn’t turn out exactly the way you planned, doesn’t mean it can’t be just as good, so go on and have some fun in the sun!