Must-See Historical Places in Asia

There are some places in Asia that hold a special meaning and provide a unique experience and are thus very popular among tourists. Some of these places have been around for centuries, while others are only a few decades old. The best way to see all these historical places in Asia is to do a virtual tour. Virtual tours are among the most comprehensive and convenient ways of seeing Asian destinations. Here is our list of must-see historical places in Asia, such as Japan, India, Indonesia, and many more.

Taj Mahal

In fact, Asia is probably the best place to experience the best of natural beauty. India is home to several breathtaking attractions such as the great Taj Mahal and the Golden Triangle Tourist Complex. Cambodia boasts of Khmer ruins, Angkor Wat, and the beautiful Phnom Phen city. Of all the geographical attractions in Asia, Angkor Wat stands out as the largest and the oldest historic monument. All these can be seen in Cambodia under one roof – the famous Angkor Archaeological Park.

taj mahal


Other than the geographical location of these historical monuments, they are also home to some of the finest natural attractions. Indonesia is home to Bali, one of the five perfect islands on which the world’s first archway was built. Aside from Bali, Indonesia has other natural wonders such as Java and East Timor. All these are very accessible from the land routes of Asia and travelers planning to visit Asia should therefore make sure to include these destinations in their itineraries.


Architecture in Asia is truly unique, with some of the most elegant structures in the world coming from this region. Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand is a good example of this. The city is full of fascinating monuments and temples that showcase the best of Asian architectural designs. Bangkok is also home to some of the best shopping malls in Asia – some of them even having a space dedicated to selling antiques. Tourists visiting Bangkok will have an excellent opportunity to see and experience some of the natural beauty that the city is so famous for.


Northeast Asia

Northeast Asia is home to a great number of national monuments. In general, the most visited monuments include those in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. These monuments showcase the unique culture and history of each country, with Ho Chi Minh’s tomb in Vietnam being the largest monument in Vietnam. Cambodia is also home to Phnom Phen city, which is known for its immense natural attractions such as the Phnom Phen river, the largest river in Asia.


One of the must-see historical places in Asia is the Buddhist temple of Yogyakarta. This temple is one of the largest in the whole of Southeast Asia. Some of the other popular temples here are Wat Khan on, Wat Loano, Wat Kubthantee, and Wat Arun (erected by King Raya II of Indonesia). Visiting any of these places is a good idea for anyone interested in learning about Buddhism and other Southeast Asian religions. Other monuments and religious buildings in this part of Southeast Asia must also be visited.

Buddhist temple

Northeast Asia is home to a large number of mountain ranges. Some of the best historical places in Asia to visit in this region include the mountainous region of Yunnan, in particular the Thimphu Mountains. Other best spots to visit are the mountains in the north and the passes in the northeast. The hills of Bumthang, in the north of Thailand, are also among the best places to visit. The cities of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Phuket are also very popular with tourists interested in hill-top experiences and scenic natural attractions.

Southeast Asia

There are many other beautiful places in Southeast Asia. The best part about visiting any of these places is that a person can visit any of them on a budget. The prices in these places are extremely low due to the low demand for tourism in the area. A person can visit several of the places in Southeast Asia on a budget and take back souvenirs they can take home as mementos. After seeing all of these places, one will never want to leave Southeast Asia.