All The Amazing Facts About Montenegro That You Should Know

Montenegro is a small Adriatic country bordering Serbia in the northeast, Albania in the southeast, Bosnia and Herzegovina in the northwest and Croatia in the southwest. This country is known for its gorgeous coastline and interesting culture, which is why it’s a popular tourist destination, especially during the summer months. So if you’ve been thinking about visiting, here are some amazing fun facts about Montenegro that you should know about.

Its name means “the black mountain”

In the past few years, there have been some controversies regarding the country’s name. However, the truth is more fun, because the name itself means “the black mountain”, coming from Italian. “Monte” means mountain and “negro” means black. Even though the country has beautiful beaches, its main gem is precisely these stunning mountains. Therefore, if you love exploring nature, then make sure to visit the mountain Lovcen.

Montenegrins are very relaxed people

The culture of Montenegro is similar to the Mediterranean one, except that Montenegrins like to take it up a notch. That can often get confused with laziness, but the truth is entirely different. In reality, Montenegrins enjoy living a relaxed, carefree lifestyle, especially in the summer, when there are people everywhere and things get more fun. If this way of living appeals to you, then look into the geography of Montenegro to learn more about the country. For example, the city of Herceg Novi in Montenegro offers plenty of real estate opportunities, which is an amazing option due to its proximity to the sea and other attractions. If living a laid-back life appeals to you, then consider checking out Montenegro for a more permanent settlement.

The oldest olive tree is actually in Montenegro

This might be a fun fact if you enjoy learning this type of information. In Montenegrin southern city Bar, there’s the oldest olive tree, also known as Stara Maslina. The tree is over 2000 years old, which makes it the oldest olive tree in the world. The surrounding area has more hectares of gorgeous olive groves. The city of Bar itself has more than 100,000 olive trees that are more than 1000 years old.

There are over 117 beaches there

If a beach trip is your idea of fun and relaxation, then you’ll love Montenegro. There are over 117 beaches there, together with 294 km of coastline. The largest beach on the coast is Velika Plaža, located in Ulcinj. It’s also one of the sunniest beaches, so if you love spending time under the sun, then make sure to visit Ulcinj. Since there’s a wide variety of beaches, you can choose rockier, smaller ones or glorious ones, like the aforementioned Velika Plaža.

The country has 4 climate zones

Montenegro is located in 4 climatic zones. That means you can lounge at the beach during the day, then go visit the mountain and find some snow there, all on the same day! Unfortunately, global climate change happens in Montenegro too, which means that the winters have been getting milder for some time now. Still, if you decide to visit this summer, feel free to check out Prokletije or Lovcen, because who knows, maybe you’ll find some snow there!

Brad Pitt’s first movie was shot in Montenegro

This fun fact can be really handy on a movie quiz night. Did you know that Brad Pitt’s first movie was shot in Montenegro? The movie “The Dark Side of the Sun” is filmed in Kotor in 1987, and it was Brad Pitt’s debut feature film, the one that kickstarted his amazing movie career. The city and the area around were hit by a devastating earthquake in 1979, so shooting this film also marks reopening the city to tourists and other visitors.

Final thoughts

Although Montenegro is small, it’s one of the naturally diverse places that you need to visit. The abundance of beaches, sunshine and gorgeous nature will take your breath away. In case you consider moving for a longer period, then it’s safe to say that you’ll enjoy the relaxed, laidback culture and amazing hospitality of the locals.