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Passenger List

Passenger ListImmigrant ships at the time of the Hector were not required to have official passenger manifests at the time of their departure, and if such a list ever existed for the crossing of 1773, it has long since been lost.  Multiple passenger lists were composed in later years by the Hector settlers themselves after their arrival in Pictou. One of these lists, composed by William MacKenzie (aged 18 during the summer of 1773), is the most complete list of the passengers that exists. It is here that the number of 189 passengers comes from, as well as the sailing date of July 8-10, 1773. The list is not perfect however, as it doesn’t elaborate on the relations between the passengers, nor does it identify who among them did not survive the voyage. Damaged by the passing of the years, MacKenzie’s original list was recreated as authentically as possible by Peter Little, a graphic designer from Montreal, for the 200th anniversary of the ship’s arrival. High-quality prints of this list are available for purchase onsite.