Top 10 Trendy Locations this Summer

When you start looking at trendy, exotic destinations you can visit, you are overwhelmed with ideas all over the world. Depending on what you like, we have some of the most popular destinations to offer, and hopefully, you will find the inspiration for your next trip in our little guide. 


One of the most popular destinations is certainly Thailand. The markets, palates, breathtaking beaches, and an occasional Thai massage are just a part of what this country has to offer. For anyone who looks for a bit more urban vacation, Bangkok is the place you can go to since it has lots of shops and night clubs you can enjoy. 


If you want to relax and enjoy a romantic stay, the Philippines have a lot to offer, including the beautiful crystal blue ocean, white sand and perfect cocktail places to finish off the night. Boracay island should definitely be on your list since it has the most perfect beaches and is a true tropical paradise. If you want to visit a cultural place and enjoy amazing nature and scenery, a trip to Batanes Islands is a must.

Hong Kong 

For all of you who want to spend your vacation in the crowd, and experience a fast tempo of a city, Hong Kong is a great option. Amusement parks, gardens, street markets, and museums are just some of the things from its rich offer. You get to learn about history in museums and live and eat as the locals do in small markets. Your stay wouldn’t be perfect without the amazing Discovery Bay hotel you can relax and rest in. 


One of the most amazing places you can visit is definitely Island. The contrast in the landscape, which is full of glaciers, molten lava, and deserts will leave you speechless. In the south, you can enjoy beautiful beaches, one of which is the black sand beach. Another popular place to visit is the Blue Lagoon, which is a geothermal spa full of minerals. 


For a hot atmosphere and friendly people, Barcelona is the perfect place. You can enjoy many architectural designs, such as Casa Batlló and Sagrada Familia. Trips to the Aquarium, Camp Nou and Dali’s museum will complete your stay even more. Besides, city beaches are there to cool you down and provide a great place to rest. 


If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will find many fun activities in Montana. The beauty and intact nature will contribute even more to all the water sports, hiking and cycling. So, if you are looking to refill your batteries, this is the place you should check out. 


One of the most popular destinations recently is Amsterdam, and it is no wonder. Partying till dawn, dancing, and having so much fun, does sound like a vacation to remember. You can rent a bike and enjoy the artistic side of the city, or catch a ride along the canals. Of course, don’t miss out on the house of Ann Frank, and don’t forget to enjoy all the tulips.

New York

The city that never sleeps will leave you full of positive impressions and the desire to go back. Broadway, The Statue of Liberty, Central Park and each of the five boroughs have so much to offer including rich nightlife, museums, galleries, and famous places from movies you would maybe want to visit. The crowd and the lively atmosphere of New York is something everyone should experience at least once. 


Full of history and art, London is a city that will teach you so much. From Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Madame Tussauds museum, to castles, palaces and gardens, there is not one place in London not worth visiting. 


The ancient city of Petra, The Dead Sea, Wadi Rum desert, even sleeping in a Bedouin camp are just some of the exciting places to visit while in Jordan. Between the rich history, beautiful landscapes and many more activities, we are sure everyone can find something to enjoy. 

Traveling is one of the most amazing experiences in life. You get to be immersed in culture, history, enjoy breathtaking scenery and landscapes, and even have fun in the night clubs. These are the places around the world that have so much to offer, so pick your favorite and enjoy your stay.