The Ultimate Guide to Living Abroad in Asia Successfully

At the moment, Asia is the ultimate destination for living than any other continent and it may be for its fast-growing economy and the exotic allure of it spicy food, Eastern philosophy and mysticism, ancient temples and unique art forms. 

Whatever the reason may be for you to decide to relocate to Asia, moving overseas is a major decision that requires careful and thorough research, especially if you’re moving your entire family. It’s doable but you need to cover many points to make and here are the most important ones.

Do your research and get prepared


One of the most important realizations before your move is that your life there will require a great deal of cultural adjustment. No Western country bears any resemblance to lifestyle, customs and mentality of Asian people so your adjustment period will take effort, time and perseverance. 

Therefore, it makes sense that before you make your final decision to retire in Asia or get a job, do volunteering, an internship and even relocate your whole family, you do a lot of research to learn as much as you can about your country of choice. Look into their education system and school ratings, check out available options at ESL schools in Hong Kong to spruce up your language skills so you might improve your job prospects in the future and research employment opportunities at government websites. Do whatever you can to gather sufficient information to make a wise decision in the end.

As a part of your preparation, try to make contacts with other expatriates in Asia before you leave as it can help you make a smoother transition. Whether it’s through your future boss, an expat club, language school or student exchange programme, the information you get will help you prepare for the cultural shock and the contacts you make will help you form your initial support network. At first, it’s easier to connect with foreigners who share your story and background and as you adapt and learn about the local culture and language, you’ll make friends with the locals aw well.

Find a place to stay

When you’re looking to rent in Asia, it makes sense to research and assess the housing market before you put your plans in motion. You’ll need to set aside a considerable amount of cash to cover all your living expenses as they can be higher than you expect. 

However, it’s quite possible to affordable accommodation if you do some investigating around real estate websites. If it’s doable, visit your country of choice before you relocate to get the feel of the place, its culture and people and possibly make a few contacts in advance that will come in very handy once you move.

Get your documents in order

Once you’ve chosen your country the city and found a place to stay, you need to make sure all your documents are in order which includes your family travel visa and your working visa. If everything goes according to plan, you can apply for residency later. If you’re not comfortable with uncertainty, you can apply for permanent permission right away. It’s possible but it does take a lot more dealing with bureaucracy. 

Travel light


Your final consideration, once you’re 100% certain that moving to Asia is the right decision, is to ensure you travel light. Sell as much of your possessions as you can to lighten your load as shipping costs overseas are quite high. The less you have, the cheaper it will be. You might decide to put some of your things into storage in case your plan for living abroad doesn’t work out, but that is also a costly option. The monthly storage will add up so if you’re certain you’ll be staying away for a while, it makes sense to get rid of as many things as possible.

Having an elaborate relocation-to-Asia plan will make your transition easier and smoother because that is a big decision and the process can be quite scary and overwhelming. Before you make the final call, invest a lot of thought and research so you know where you stand, what your odds are and what to expect.