Is The Uk Dog Friendly

According to research by Pew, the UK is considered one of the best destinations for dog lovers. With the clean air, spacious pave ways, evergreen environment, and favorable legislation, the UK is the best place for anyone with a dog.

According to the 2012 legislation, you are required to vaccinate your dog against rabies before traveling to the UK.

Further, one is required to conduct a blood test and ensure that the dog is quarantined at least six months before travelling. Some of the best cities to travel to include;







Travel documents

According to the PET (Pet travel scheme), the requirements required before travelling to the UK with a dog are similar to the requirements for travelling to other parts of the world. Some of the travel documents required include;


An implanted and scanned microchip

Certificate indicating that the dog has been vaccinated. The certificate must be at least 21 days old.

If you are traveling from an unlisted country, have a rabies antibody test.

Annex 1V health certificate from the European Union

Treatment tapeworm

Endorsement of the paperwork from the authorized authorities.

Worming treatment certificate. The UK is one of the listed countries; hence, you need to show that your dog has been dewormed.

The full lists of the required paperwork are listed on this website. browse this site to get the complete list of the required documents needed when traveling to the UK with your dog.

Dog on rain

Public transport is a significant incentive for bringing your dog to the UK. In most countries, including Wales, England, and Scotland, it is free to transport your dog using public means like the bus. Also, the railway system allows dogs on-board unless there is a reason to decline. The requirements regarding traveling with dogs vary in different countries.