Is It Mandatory To Have Car Insurance In Arizona

In most US states, automobile insurance is an essential requirement before driving in the roads. The same requirement is effective in Arizona, and driving without insurance is going against the law. With car insurance, drivers can protect themselves from paying for personal liabilities when accidents occur.

Instead, the insurance company pays for the liability, which in most cases is higher for a driver to pay out of his bank account. It’s also essential to understand the rules of driving in Arizona to protect your license from being suspended.

Car insurance

Arizona, like most US states, uses a tort-based system in car accidents. That is, if you are on the wrong during an accident, then you will pay for the damages. However, instead of personally paying for these liabilities, the Arizona law states that every driver must have an auto insurance policy that meets or exceed the requirements below:

• $10,000 in liabilities for property damage

• $15,000 in liabilities for injury to a person

• $30,000 in liabilities for injuries to many people

In the state, there are two situations where you will be inquired on your insurance: First is when an officer pulls you over the road, and second is when registering your car with the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). Always ensure you have a physical or electronic copy of your insurance card all times so that you’ll present it when needed.


If you drive in Arizona without a license, then MVD will suspend your driving license and privileges. Reinstating the suspension is both problematic and expensive. Besides, towing in arizona is common, and your car could be towed when you don’t carry a license.

In case you cause an accident in Arizona, you’ll pay for the liability charges that can amount to thousands of dollars to cover the medical bills of victims. It’s therefore vital that you get auto insurance to protect you from personal liabilities that may arise from driving while uninsured or underinsured.