An Unconventional Travel Guide to Singapore

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Zoo and Katonga Laksa are must-see destinations in Singapore. These classics are classics for a reason and one can’t leave Singapore without checking them out. However, if you’re an adventurist, classics won’t satisfy your thirst for exploration. 

Maybe you’re looking for some new routes and new activities to try out, or you just want to come back home with a bunch of unique photos? No matter what your intentions are, here is an unconventional travel guide the Singapore that will present this city in a new light. 

Kayak fishing

This activity might sound scary, but it’s suitable even for tourists who never kayaked before. These hobby kayaks are leg-powered so you can use your hands to catch a fish or two. Kayaking will also tick off your cardio workout for the week while providing you with a much better view than the gym. At the sea, your local guide will show you how to get your first catch, but also teach you about the sea, let you in on some unique facts about Singapore and answer any questions that might pop up along the way. 

Fish market 

Do you like to cook, especially when it comes to fresh fish and seafood? Then you have to hit Senoko Fishery Port and join buyers and merchants in their search for the freshest gifts of the sea. This market opens before the crack of dawn, but the atmosphere is always lively and intriguing (and the prices are lower too). So if you’re a night owl left with nothing to do at 3 in the morning, this might be the perfect activity for you. 


Bar hopping in CBD

Not many people know that there are various swanky bars right at the center of CBD, not even those who pass this part of town every day on their work commute. Well, you can go bar hopping, especially at the end of the week and enjoy a multitude of interesting drinks mixed in with even more interesting conversation. And if you get lonely, you might even meet someone to take home, you never know. But if you don’t get lucky, you can always go back to your hotel room with some naughty toys. You can find all kinds of interesting sex toys in Singapore that will certainly spice up your nights and keep you company. And your partner will also enjoy the benefits of adult toys—you’re in for an exciting night!

Weird museums

Singapore is a great spot to get your culture fix thanks to a multitude of museums and galleries scattered all around the city. However, if you’re not a conventional art lover, you might want to skip the National Gallery and hit the Intan, a museum of all things Peranakan. You can explore the culture and history of this ethnic group and even enjoy tea and Nyonya light bites. Or you can hit the Gem Museum where you can learn all about gemstones, rocks and minerals. Other unique museums are the Singapore Chinese Opera Museum and the Vintage Cameras Museum, both being worthy hits. 


Scary theme parks

Do you love being scared half to death? Then feel free to take a tour of Haw Par Villa. This theme park will definitely raise your heartbeat, more from fear than of excitement. Centered on Chinese mythology and folklore, this villa is home to many statues displaying bloody scenes. That’s not enough to turn your stomach? Hit the Ten Courts of Hell, but make sure to bring a buddy for emotional support! 

Countryside farms

Most people think Singapore is all about modern architecture and technology, but it has more things to offer than that. You can take a break from city life and enjoy some greenery in the countryside. There are several farms that allow visitors and sell fresh products. These (mostly) organic farms sell fresh veggies, goat milk or allow you to meet and greet farm animals and amphibians. 

If you try at least one of these unconventional Singapore activities and attractions, you’ll experience the city from a new perspective and come back home with unique photos and memories.