Hit the Road: Funky Family Road Trips from Sydney

Australia is an amazing country, which is why so many people flock to its shores (and the outback to some extent). The most popular destination is definitely Sydney, with its Opera House, Harbour Bridge and other attractions that you can experience in this vibrant and multicultural metropolis. However, if you have a chance to spend several days in this beautiful city, we strongly recommend you consider taking one or two road trips while down under. To give you an idea of what you can see, we’ve prepared the following list of suggestions suitable for families.

The Greater Blue Mountains Drive

The Blue Mountains is a World Heritage-listed area, only a 1.5 hour drive west of Sydney. It’s famous for its breathtaking cliffs, majestic waterfalls and eucalyptus forests. There are more than a dozen discovery trails you can take and enjoy plenty of stunning lookout stops and marked bush walking trails. Another must-visit attraction along the route is the spectacular Jenolan Caves, with its underground rivers and striking stalactites.

Family Road Trips from Sydney - Blue Mountains

Grand Pacific Drive

One of the most spectacular and famous coastal routes in the world is definitely the Grand Pacific Drive, which allows you to a range of landscapes, from coastal rainforests to spending lookouts and plenty of wildlife. However, make sure your car or camper is in perfect condition before setting off. If, for example there is a crack or chip on your windscreen, make sure you visit experienced experts in windscreen replacement in Sydney to fix any issues. 

The drive starts at Royal National Park, the country’s oldest (and the world’s second oldest) national park, home to scenic hiking trails and dramatic coastal cliffs. Your next stop is the Sea Cliff Bridge, one of the drive’s highlights, with 665 m of spectacular road that hugs the coastline. Don’t skip Wollongong and equally attractive Bald Hill Lookout at Stanwell Park. You can also go fruit-picking at Glenbernie Orchard, wild dolphin spotting at Jervis bay or chill out on the world’s whitest sand on Hyams Beach.

Family Road Trips from Sydney - Wollongong


A bit longer road trip will take you from one to another great city in Australia, along the coast of dramatic landscapes. You need to take the Grand Pacific Drive and roll straight into Australia’s Oyster Coast, where you should try fresh oysters from local farmers. You can stop at the town of Narooma, where you can sign up for a snorkel or scuba-diving trip to Montague Island, which is something your kids would definitely enjoy. Alternatively, you can go on a short cruise trip to spot wild seals. Another stop along the way worth visiting is the peculiar Australia Rock, named for its formation in the shape of the Australian map, which you can see from Bar Rock Lookout.

Family Road Trips from Sydney - Melbourne

Sydney to Byron Bay

Another popular road trip you can take from Sydney takes you to the famous Byron Bay. Along the way, you can stop at the Hunter Valley. On the way you will drive up through Ku-ring-Gai Chase National Park and if you have time, pull in to visit one of the oldest National Parks in Australia. Continue driving towards Port Stephens, a beautiful bay famous for its whale watching, dolphin tours and sandboarding. Yes, the sand dunes here are massive and lots of fun. Finally, head towards Byron Bay, but make sure you stop at Coffs Harbour, most famous for its Big Banana amusement park. White water rafting, sky dives and surfing are just a few of the activities you can do in this area to get your adrenaline pumping. It’s 3 hours from Coffs Harbour to Byron Bay, your final destination.

Family Road Trips from Sydney - Byron Bay

These are just some ideas that might inspire you to organise a memorable road trip for the whole family, starting at one of the most popular cities in the world. All you need to do is choose the one that is most suitable for your family and hit the road. You’ll surely remember the experience for a very long time!