Landmarks to See in Moscow

Moscow may well be one of the largest cities in the entire world, with over 11 million residents, but that has not changed the powerful cultural and social roots it still has. The historic centers of Moscow are still bustling with modern shopping malls and fashionable eating joints, but there is something timelessly charming about the city, which makes it such a lovely place to visit. A great way to experience the true culture and history of Moscow is to take a day trip to some of the city’s historical places. Here is a list of just five of the many historical places you should visit during your trip to Moscow.

Pushkinskaya Square

Moscow’s central shopping center, Pushkinsky Square, is one of the best places to start when you visit Moscow. It is an open air square located in mid-town along the Moskalkova boulevard. This grand boulevard was originally constructed as a boulevard extending from the Kremlin to the White House and is one of the most traveled streets in Moscow. It houses the busiest shopping center in Moscow as well as several other traditional Russian and international stores. You can find all kinds of traditional Russian goods here including carpets, textiles, furniture, ceramics, and other traditional decorative items.

The Moscow city center is another great place to enjoy shopping. There are numerous shops and markets set up along the city center. The metro system also runs through the center, so it is easy to get around. Many of the shops have on-site amenities like restaurants and cafes for food and drink. Some of them even have restaurants with indoor bathrooms.

The Moscow metro station

The Moscow metro station is one of the best ways to explore and experience Russian culture. The cosmopolitan nature of life in Russia allows for great shopping at bargain prices, both in town and on-site. You will find anything from local designer labels to high-end brands and designer goods imported from western European nations.

The metro system in Moscow is one of the most modern and useful in the world with numerous stations in different parts of the city and many links reaching other cities all over Russia. The metro system is one of the main attractions in town with one-stop every few minutes to the historically significant Winter Palace. Other popular sights include Saint Nicholas Cathedral, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Orthodox Holy church, Pushkins Cathedral, and the fortress of Voedin. These and other attractions make Moscow a beautiful place to visit and dwell.


Culture is another popular attraction for people who travel to Russia. The Moscow art scene is highly regarded and famous among tourists. The Pushkins Village is a collection of neighborhoods around the Moscow city center where a large number of modern art museums have been established. Among the best places to see in Moscow are the Moscow Theater, the Moscow house, the Garden Route, and the Tverskaya just to name a few. All these places have ancient Russian history and architecture to explore.

The Russian Museum

Another tourist attraction in Moscow is the Russian Museum. It is the largest museum of Russian history and was created by archipelago’s architect Vasili Gusev. The museum is a combination of ancient and modern art and includes a massive museum space dedicated to human history. The museum is located in Podopsuk, a famous neighborhood in Moscow. Other popular attractions in Moscow include the Moscow Zoo, Red Cathedral, Kremlin, Vologododa Square, St. Petersburg’s Saint Nicholas Church, Uffizi Gallery, Alexander Palace, and the Tucci Park.

Red square

A very important landmark in Moscow is the Red square. This is the center of celebrations and large public gatherings in the city. Besides being one of the best places in town to enjoy a concert, the Red square is also one of the busiest places in Moscow with regard to both residential and commercial development. One of the attractions in this area is the Hotel Ruinor which is located near the former palace of Catherine the Great. There is also a theater called “Dovlatiy” that has a large amount of history including Catherine the Great’s wedding with her son Yaroslav the Terrible.

To sum up…

These are only some of the most beautiful places to visit in Moscow. So, go ahead, visit and explore this historic town.