Things to do in Key West: Best Tours & Activities

The previous year took an enormous toll on all of us. Now that we’re finally starting to see the light of this long, exhausting pandemic tunnel, the time has finally come to kick everything back into high gear and let some sunshine through in our lives.

Is there any way better to do that than by visiting the Sunshine State itself? Florida is stacked with exciting and family-friendly activities that can keep you busy the whole summer long. This time we are going to cover its crown jewel – Key West.

The Ernest Hemingway House

Ernest Hemingway was probably the most prominent writer America ever gave birth to. He was also in love with Florida and the Caribbean, which inspired some of his best works. That’s really no wonder since the famous writer spent a great deal of time in this corner of the world. Key West is home to one of his traditional Colonial-style houses, which was turned into a museum and designated a National Historic Landmark after the writer’s passing. The house preserves a lot of Hemingway’s old items and descendants of his cat Snow White, so it makes for one very charming experience.

Ernest Hemingway House, Key West, Florida

Parties at Mallory Square

The Mallory Square has become an indispensable part of all guided Key West day trips and for a good reason too. To put it simply, Mallory is the social heart of Key West and probably the place where you can watch some of the best sunsets in the entire Gulf of Mexico, and that’s saying something. Add to the mix street musicians, jugglers, magicians, and all other professionals who like to bring their art to the people, and you will get one of the most scenic and lively places in the whole of Florida. Definitely something you want to share with the whole family.

Mel Fisher Maritime Museum

The history of Florida and the Caribbean was written by tenacious explorers, sailors, and daring pirates. If you are easily excited by these words, Mel Fisher Maritime Museum will be right down your lane. The museum contains a great collection of artifacts from the 17th century, most of them coming from Henrietta Marie (famous slave ship) and treasure ship Nuestra Señora de Atocha. If you are into archeology, the onsite preservation lab also showcases the process of preservation of this item, so you get one more exciting and educational thing to marvel at.

Key West, Florida

Taking a kayak ride through Key West mangroves

Mangroves are one of Florida’s most significant trademarks and one of the most beautiful things you can find in the Sunshine State. Erasing the border between land and sea and between man and nature, Florida mangroves also provide habitat for numerous species like the brown pelican, Florida manatee, Hawksbill turtle, American crocodile, peregrine falcon, and countless others. If you are visiting a Key West, don’t miss a chance to take a kayak ride in one of the nearby mangroves and experience this breathtaking and lush ecosystem first-hand.

Start your own ghost hunting adventure

This type of entertainment leans a bit more on the adult side, but even the kids like to have a good spook from time to time. With that in mind, it is good to know that history of Florida is drenched with stories of voodoo, hauntings, and ghosts. Take, for instance, Robert the Doll – a famous voodoo doll said to talk and turn over furniture now located in one of Key West’s museums. Or the Blue Lady that still haunts the tree she was hanged from (now located in the middle of one Key West bar). These sites and stories are only a tiny part of Key West’s rich supernatural folklore.

These five mentions are, of course, far from a complete story since Key West is a true tourist gem that requires a couple of visits to be fully explored. But, they are an excellent place to start your Florida adventure. Life is finally falling back on track, and the summer season is just in time to get us going. Why wouldn’t you start with one of the most popular tourist locations in the world?