What Makes A Great Travel Photo?

Everyone has a specific place they would want to travel to and when they finally get a chance to go there, all they want is to capture the place in its glory, look and ambiance. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just a traveler who like taking photographs, learning how to take great photos is very important.

However, sometimes the unexpected happens and when you get back home to show the images to your friends and family, you might find out that the digital camera or the Smartphone you used didn’t do justice.

If you are reading this, we want to make everything good for you and we will tell you what makes a great travel photo that will ensure the next time you travel, you’ll capture feelings, people, culture, history, and landscapes in their true definition.

Get up early

Do you love traveling from one place to another to admire landscapes? Well, if your answer is yes, you can take the best photographs by getting up early.


This is because the best light to capture images in their true definition is in the golden hours; an hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise. Therefore, prepare yourself and get up early when other photographers are still sleeping and stay out late and capture the images that will change your photographic experience.

Do your research

Let’s face it, people travel for different reasons and you should know the reason that made you decide to head to a particular destination.

Whether it’s the beach, the galleries, the mountain, food, or the rides, understanding the reasons make it prepare your mind and capture the images as they are.

Besides, research helps you to discover what your preferred place has and you’ll have a glimpse of how the previous photographers captured different photos and this will give you an idea of what to expect and how to get high-quality images that overshadow what has already been captured.

Use a travel tripod

Are you an international photographer or aspiring to become one? If yes, you can make travel photography easy and fun with the use of a camera tripod. There are lightweight travel tripods in the market today and getting one will give you an opportunity to set your camera in position and take your time to arrange the perfect composition.


With a tripod, you can adjust focus point, exposure settings and spend quality time examining the image you may want to create. Most importantly, a tripod makes it easier for you to shoot slower shutter speeds such as stars, low-light and waterfalls among others and this means that you’ll have nothing to worry about hand-held camera shake.

Get inspiration

Taking the best travel photos is not always a walk in the park; it requires patience and determination. Most importantly, it requires you to get inspiration from other photographers. For instance, you can watch movies and documentaries and learn how best photographers of all times made it in this artistic world.

You must also understand that if you’re indeed a true artist, you should acknowledge what other artists have accomplished.

In short, attend photography lectures, read good books about photography, visit an art gallery, and listen to classical music and you’ll definitely get inspiration that will motivate you to take the best photographs during your travels.

Make photography a priority

Many photographers fail because they want to explore the entire place they travel to and are in a rush to take quick snapshots. If you want to make a difference, spare enough photography time in your busy schedule because good travel photos require you to have a solid time commitment.


That being the case, travel alone or with other people with a passion for photographs as this will help you to create enough photographic time. Most importantly, a rental car will give you an opportunity to travel from one place to another and make different stops for that wonderful capture.

Final thoughts

Photographic world is very interesting such that almost everyone wants to venture in. However, it’s only a small percentage of people with determination, patience and passion make it and if you want to be among them, this article will definitely make you stand out.

Most importantly, never stop learning; enroll in online photographic courses and watch online photography tutorials and your travel photos will make a difference in your photographic experience.