What Should I Pack For Southeast Asia

A trip to south-east Asia can a pleasant experience. However, one needs to be extra careful with what he or she carry their backpacks. If you are a lady, the article will give some of the packing lists that a bag for a lady must-have. However, depending on your stay there, you may decide to have more pieces additional info here.

1. T-shirts. Having three of them would be ideal. They help at night or when you have to go to the temples.

2. A jacket. At times it may get chilly during the nights, and definitely, you wouldn’t want to have a single annoying moment. A jacket and a light one would do suitable justice.


3. A skirt. Maxi skirt will be right more so during temple visiting and at night. Two will do.

4. Fabric short. For this, ensure you can go around with it, sleep with it. Let it be as comfortable as possible.

5. Leggings. Pack like three

6. Demin pants. Pack the like three

7. Short dresses. You can pack as many as you can. For decency when walking around, you can wear with leggings.

8. A maxi dress. Can be worn at night, at the temple or just any other time. Maxi dress will never disappoint.

9. Scarf. Have a light one. You can use it to wear it with the tank tops or during those chilly nights.

10. Kimono. They are quite fashionable and also takes up lesser space in your backpack.


11. Swimming costume. Having two suits or three will be the best. Beach life there is rough.

12. Sunglasses. You must have this one.

13. Tops. For crop or tank tops you can pack three to five of them. They help pretty well when it gets hot.

It is good to pack some inner wears socks and bras. With all these, you can be sure of a plea and stays in Southeast Asia.