What is Glamping?

What is glamping? According to the Merriam Webster’s Online Dictionary (6th Edition), “a synonym of caravanning and glamping.” So, what is glamping? Glamping is a blend of the words “glamorous” and “camping”.

Glamping is a combination of glamorous and camping and refers to a style of travel where accommodations are mobile and often consist of a tent, RV, or camper van, and associated attractions. Often, glamping involves accommodations within a campground or adjacent to a park or other theme park. Some campsites will offer recreational facilities like a hot tub or pool, as well as full room service including food, showers, laundry, and other associated amenities. Other glamping locations may just provide sites for hiking and camping.

Camping has come a long way from the standard tent and sleeping bag. In recent years, the addition of luxury items such as hot tubs, fireplaces, and other creature comforts has led to an increased interest in glamping. In essence, it’s the combination of the two that brings together the best of modern camping and luxurious living. A typical gated site will contain a gated entryway, which may not have a vaulted ceiling or other high-end decorations. Commonly, a one or two-story unit will be equipped with king-sized or double queen beds, luxurious bathrobes, plush guest beds, air conditioning, private balconies, and more.

Yurt models are an excellent choice for those who appreciate the advantages of modern glamping, but who aren’t interested in the large price tag that goes along with it. Yurt models utilize the same materials as traditional camping trailers, such as aluminum and wood. They’re also constructed to withstand extreme weather conditions. This is another appealing factor that adds to their appeal. Like camping trailers, yurts can have floor or wall panels that can be drawn down for privacy, allowing in cooler air. They can also be equipped with mosquito netting or other protection to keep pests out.


Luxury glamping accommodations come in all shapes and sizes. A quick internet search will turn up plenty of information regarding the various kinds of glamping that are available, including everything from primitive sites with no electricity to deluxe cabins complete with modern amenities. As with traditional camping trips, most glamping units are self-contained, meaning all the utilities are already included. Some modern glamping ventures even offer caravans complete with appliances and full kitchen facilities. Most glamping vacations will include access to showers and bathrooms, although the majority of luxurious accommodations do not.


Another advantage to the luxury glamping experience is the absence of the hassle and bustle of running water. When you’re roughing it in a tent in the middle of nowhere with no means of communication and no way to get food or water, what’s the point? With most modern glamping units, all you need to do is bring your own food and beverages and turn on the tap. Some also offer running water in many locations, making water sports an even more appealing alternative to conventional camping trips. This means that your luxurious glamping cabin will always have a fresh supply of water, which makes it a far more pleasant experience.

Many people go glamping because they don’t feel like they can fully enjoy the great outdoors. The lack of space and isolation can leave people feeling recharged and ready to embark on another outdoor adventure. With a luxury camping tent and all of the creature comforts that come along with it, going glamping can be just what you need to get you into that next great outdoor adventure. There are a variety of different kinds to choose from as well as wide price ranges. Whether you want something affordable to enjoy the great outdoors or something that offers everything the first time you go camping, there is something out there that will meet your needs.


For those who enjoy the comfort of modern living, but still want to explore the beautiful outdoors, glamping may be the perfect solution. Luxury camping tents are designed to meet all the needs of campers, offering space to stretch out and more comforts than most standard tents can provide. Some of the most common glamping amenities include televisions, beds with king-sized or queen-size frames, and comfortable beds with pillows. You’ll even find that there are several ways to make use of the extra space that you have available in your tent. Some people like to cook and sleep in separate rooms, while others like to pull out a couch and relax with a book. As you can see, there are numerous options for those who wish to take full advantage of the comforts of modern glamping.