Top-Rated Fishing Destinations in Australia

Fishing is an amazing pastime, especially if you’re in desperate need of relaxation. Also, if you’re looking to spend a few precious hours in complete solitude, while still being outside, then fishing is the perfect hobby for you.

Australia is a vast country of stunning natural wonders and diverse wildlife. But did you know that Australia is also a great place if you want to go fishing? So if you’re a fishing enthusiast, or you just want to try it out, here are some of the best fishing destinations in Australia.

The Top End, Northern Territory

Located near Kakadu National Park and Darwin, the Top End is the tropical most northern location in the Northern Territory. It’s also a great place for barramundi fishing in Australia. So, the best period to go fishing is between October and December, as this is the time when barra build-up happens. Also, this is the period before the monsoons, which means that all the billabongs and other bodies of water are calm. Aside from barra fishing, reef fishing is also popular.

Fishing Destinations in Australia

Cairns, Queensland

Catching a big black marlin is a dream come true for many fishermen, and Cairns, in Queensland is a perfect location to try achieving that. The whole area from Cairns northwards along The Great Barrier Reef is abundant with Australian gemfish species, but it’s still known as the black marlin capital of the world. Thanks to tropical waters, the area is rich in various fish species: from Spanish mackerel and mahi mahi to barracuda and sailfish. Cairns is considered a very accessible place, which is why it’s one of the more popular fishing destinations in Australia.

Narooma, New South Wales

This place is known for its beautiful beaches and crystal blue waters. So it makes sense that fishing is a favourite hobby, both for locals and visitors. There are a lot of fishing locations to pick from. Wagonga Inlet is probably the best-known place for fishing, whether it’s bait fishing or lure fishing. So if you’re unsure where to go, then feel free to book fishing charters in Narooma, as that is a great way to have a pleasant fishing experience if you happen to be in the area. Aside from fishing, this charming coastal town is also known for stunning nature, parks, and playgrounds.

Fishing Destinations in Australia

Central Highlands, Tasmania

Central Highlands in Tasmania has more than 3000 lakes, which is why it’s such a popular fishing destination, especially when it comes to trout fishing. Artur’s Lake is the perfect place for brown trout fishing, when it’s open, from August until May. Certain lakes can be reached on foot, which is what makes them so magical and unique. So if you’re into fishing and hiking, then Central Highlands in Tasmania is a place that you must visit at least once in a lifetime.

Fishing Destinations in Australia

Gippsland, Victoria

Gippsland is one of the most beloved fishing destinations in Victoria. Located only a few hours away from Melbourne, Gippsland is also abundant with diverse wildlife, stunning beaches, rivers, and coastal lakes. Also, clear mountain streams are perfect if you love fishing for rainbow and brown trout. On the other hand, lakes and rivers are great for carp, eel, Australian bass, carp, and redfin. If you want to stick to coastal fishing, they expect to catch a lot of bream, King George whiting, gummy sharks, and Australian salmon.


These are some of the most popular and best-rated fishing destinations in Australia. However, there are a few more, so if you’re a passionate traveller who happens to love fishing, then feel free to check them all out. One thing’s for sure: you will have a lot of fun, relaxing, enjoying nature and trying to catch all the fish.